virginia gail smith

I am an artist exploring environmentally and culturally sensitive materials, processes and conversations, often growing,foraging and recycling materials.

Recent concerns have lead me to experiment with some biological self regenerative works that work with Mother Earth. Bacteria and yeast create cellulose which I use to grow around cast off parts of nature, a leaf, sticks, seeds and leaves. She (Nature) can also grow material which can be sculpted, formed and dried. These works are biological and can be returned to the soil as food!

Less Structured, Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast produced cellulose, dried, 10". 

Fermentation Heart, 5", sculpted SCOBY.

"Design is based on the attempt to fulfill human needs in an evolving technical and cultural context", William McDonough

My biological expression of her broken, mending heart. Her being Mother Earth. 

A cradle to cradle expression. Experiments with bacteria and yeast growing cellulose.

Signs of fall in the forest, dried pine needles and seeds.

3 weeks old and set out for drying.

Dried, Forest Floor, 10".

Up close, needles embedded in cellulose grown by yeast & bacteria.

Skin & Bones, 4", sliced mushrooms embedded in cellulose.

Side view.



Sumach leaves and cone, day 1.

Lavender and coneflowers, day 1. 

Rose, day 1.

Red Maple leaves, forest mushrooms, & green pine needles, day 1.

Ohhh, formed ring, dried cellulose.

Branches in grown dried cellulose.

Fur, day 1.

Fern, leaves, acorn tops, flipped after 2 weeks.

Sculpted SCOBY, regenerative art medium.

Outside the Box #1, 10" by 10" by 1", pellicle, dog hair, reclaimed wood, 2022. Shown in the Remington Art Gallery, NY, 2022-2023.

Outside the Box #2, 10" by 10" by 1", pellicle, people hair, reclaimed wood, 2022. Shown in the Remington Art Gallery, NY, 2022-2023.

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