virginia gail smith

know that we are miraculously made

know that we are precious creations

Clear the Chaos

Clear the chaos explores the notion of silence as an act of restoration to address both the psyche and the soul.

Within this institutional setting, a 6th floor corridor is transformed into an intimate, ethereal contemplative walk of silence. The viewer is invited to wear hearing protectors to help alleviate “the chaos” of sounds and to walk the 20 step corridor following footsteps of clouds. At the end of the one corridor the viewer is presented with clouds and the words “know that you are a precious creation”. At the end of the other corridor there are clouds and the words “know that you miraculously made”. Knowing we are on the top floor and glimpsing clouds around us, cue our psyche into believing that nature inhabits this institutional space.

Clear the chaos is a walk exploring transformation through intentional silence and nature.

To activate, Clear the Chaos,

 slip on the hearing protectors and be guided by the footsteps.

Hearing protectors.

Cloud footsteps.

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