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MCAD Sustainability Portfolio

About Me


I have been on a journey of discovery, of daydreaming, experimenting, reading,  researching,  and examining as well as creating.


After 30 years of making art and crafts I decided to finish my BFA in Sculpture/Installation from OCADU in Toronto. I am currently in the Sustainable Design MFA program at the Minneapolis School of Art & Design.

Sustainability Philosophy

Many have said we have no planet B, I believe you can not argue with that.  The notion of sustainability is influencing people to step up and be the community and planet we all dream of, putting people before profits, putting the planet before the bottom line, putting our health and the planet's health above all, and creating  communal happiness.


2085 Sandstone Crescent, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada, K8H 0B2


Creative Leadership

A visual exploration of my sustainability manifesto.

My Sustainability Manifesto - Slide Deck - Creative Leadership - Spring 2022

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These projects explore tools, systems and methods for exploring sustainability.

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